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Our Team

Booking service for international deejays within the Electronic Dance Music community since the year 2011. We provide deejays and live artists to festivals-, clubs-, event promoters worldwide with the most complete service.

We provide an artist bio with an overview/biography, music, releases, videos, social media feeds (Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud…) and contact dates.
We operate in English, German & Italian. Check Our Terms and Conditions.


Angelino de Giglio
Art Director


Klem Lamberti
Editorial / Stream Support


Luca Folliero
Event Manager


Federico Pasanisi
Public Relations

Gianluca Stefanelli
Technical Leader

Gin and Juice Radio BOOKING

As soon as we have your info, we will reserve or book the DJ that best fits you, your event and your music requests! You will promptly receive a confirmation of your booking with aditional information and all the according costs as an offer within 48 hours.