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DAFmix Series – L.A. (USA) – Ryan Martinez aka Slugpunk

Has been surrounded by music his entire life. Seldom did a day go by when the living room stereo wasn’t turned on and playing a variety of multi-genre, decade spanning music. This was not only a family policy, but mandatory when hosting good company, as family gatherings allowed all tastes to find their way out of the living room speakers to the enjoyment, or at least feedback, of everyone attending. Born and raised in southern California, Ryan set out to explore other parts of the country, and absorb the diverse influence outside of his own hometown. Two years ago, production of original tracks and mixes began, under the producing project known as DAFrec with the artist name “Slugpunk”. Utilizing Reason by Propellerhead for his original tracks, Ryan wants to use DAFrec to represent new and upcoming artists, as well as push through new music to an industry he feels is closed-off and uninterested in new ideas, or genuine talent.

“I wanted to start DAFrec based on how bad mainstream music is today, and how the majority of people in the record industry have been slipping, it’s more about selling music than creating it. I think everyone is untitled to have their own sound, and not what a CEO might want. I started making sets based on what I thought sounded good, and then tried to make it more of a musical journey by having certain set structure; a beginning, middle, and end.”

He feels that by giving way to new ideas and new talent DAFrec will expose their abilities while circumventing the controlling aspect of the music industry. With new on going projects like DAF Clothing, making DAFrec a brand name is of upmost importance. Like a musical revolution, DAFrec is designed to help revitalize and rekindle some of the passion involved in making quality music. In his own mixes and tracks Slugpunk draws inspiration and utilizes aspects from many types of music and artists, and looks forward to working with new talent to producing projects that continue to expand his horizons as well as others.



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