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Luca la Torre dj
Born in Naples in 1975
From an early age he grew up in a family where music is the hostess. Over the years, the desire to listen and search for music through must-have instruments such as radio grows. Looking for mostly house music. At 16 he bought his first console and began his musical journey through vinyl. Thanks to the well-known music stores such as test pressing, alpha records, raro records, house tracks begins to savor the best Italian and also Italian import labels. His path is short and coincided at 17 years of age begins with a debut evening at the Metropolis in front of a myriad of people unique and indescribable emotion since then his heart his emotions have amplified and transformed into pure passion. Over the years it has joined numerous groups and clubs in the Campania nightlife. Many discs landed. The indelible memories, surely Metropolis, Impero II, Giona club, La villa, Sibal and many others. There are many collaborative groups, one of the last Playgrounds where everyone has had wonderful experiences, all different both for the clubs and for the musical genre expressed. After almost 28 years of console today he continues to cultivate his passion, not only behind a console but manages a small store called 799 records where he sells vinyl. His favorite genres and grown over time. House, house garage, deep house, new disco. His favorite DJs are kerri Chandler, Little Louie Vega, Dimitri form paris Joey Negro, Tedd Patterson, Frankie knuckles and many other artists.