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Jacqueline Seymour Spencer Ma., United States

Singer/Songwriter/International Recording artist/Producer/Performer

I love life and creating music… Pop/Electronic-Dance/Progressive-house

“Beauty cannot just be judged on what you appear as on the outside…your true beauty strives from within your mind,heart & soul. It is then that you are able to shine on the outside…” Jacqueline Seymour

Born in the populated city of Worcester Massachusetts, Jacqueline Seymour was raised on her family horse farm…a country girl at heart.Jacqueline began writing songs at an early age.The love for singing,became significant when she studied voice at the Worcester Performing Arts School. All the while,teaching herself piano,at home. As a child suffering from kidney reflux disease,her emotions and love for writing and singing were her guidance and strength for overcoming physical pain.Determined to live life to it’s fullest,regardless of setbacks,Jacqueline set forth to follow a great love and… her dream…music.

When asking who is her mentor?She lovingly replies, “I know it sounds so old hat,but… my father is my mentor. Because his desire for perfection in playing classical pieces was flawless,he practiced,and played piano until his fingers bled.The way his hands flowed across the keys,was mesmerizing. To this day,he is a mystifying and inspirational pianist and role model to me. And my mother too,with her beautiful singing voice,so comforting.” “My favorite famous artist is,Tori Amos,as she is one of a kind,the way she captures her audience..”

“Seymour may have been born in the cold month of January,but her heart,lyrics,and voice are warming to your soul, and soothing as the summer breeze.With universal vocals,soft yet powerful,she has the clear voice of an angel singing”‘-Quoted www.reverbnation.com/jacquelineseymour

Jacqueline began her music career writing,creating,and singing original pop,piano,vocal tracks about personal experiences in her life.Her live performances where she played her piano and sang, were entertaining and impressive enough to catch the attention of many genres,& music lovers. Artists and producers globally, began to ask for collaborations with her.Listening hard to what the public craved in the music industry,and what was popular,Jacqueline decided to collaborate on electronic upbeat songs.A style of music all ages could relate to and feel.

Now in 2013,this talented young woman’s collaborations vary with many artists/producers.Known labels are releasing her featured tracks worldwide,with her well established,classy name which she has made for herself,quickly rising. She continues to work side by side on collaborations,and bestow her gifts of talent and beauty upon the music & modeling industry.

“Her catchy melodies seem to draw you in,and her deliciously unique vocals, and powerful compiled lyrics,are opening creative doors for her career” quotes ~Music News

Her most recent worldwide featured artist collaborations: “Back & Forth” (vocal mix)-Tom Arden feat.Jacqueline Seymour released on G6 Records AB/EMI Music.

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And Jacqueline has been collaborating with many more record labels such as Full Room Records,and Ecstasy Records…

Currently collaborating with Evo Records and promoting her new dance track FLY:

soundcloud.com/evo-recordsdance/jacqueline-seymour- fly

And working on a full album soon to be released. JS will make your heart dance…!

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