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DJ Cup of Jazz

Jazzylectro – kickin’ beats from Berlin

Cup of Jazz started djing in Berlin Bars and Clubs in 2005 – with a record by Fred Astaire. Maybe that’s why Jazz became a major influence for him. In his dj-sets he often combines Electro sounds whith those from the eras of Swing and Latin Jazz, calling his style ‘Jazzylectro’ – kickin’ beats from HipHop to House and Drum’n’Bass, mixed with delicious jazzy vibes. At Berlin Swing events he creates a set with BigBand-Swing bombs, Dixieland and Charleston rockers. As a journalist for different newspapers he regurlarly interviews celebrities, djs and producers of the music he’s got in his record bag.
Upcoming Dates: www.cupofjazz.de
Facebook facebook.com/cupofjazz
Twitter @jazzylectro

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