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Musical genre-Tech House,Deep House and Underground-Born in Naples in 1976 in a family of dancers and music lovers,my grandmothers danced on tap dancing and my parent’s rock’n’roll and Disco Music, so i became my self a swing dancer and i listened to many kinds of music-Artist like Herbie Hancock and Michel Petrucciani in about jazz, soul music i love Etta James and Marvin Gaie and Frank Beverly,but funk is my favorite as well as James Brown of which he is the inventor and later with groups like Brass Construction ,Parlament Funkadelik and other’s-Then the Disco Music hit me so much that always i danced, as the Disco House by Larry Levan and David Mancuso who have contribuited to my final general -The House Underground.

Hence my musical adventure always going to club ,was in all the club’s in Italy and i listened all dj to figure out which style suck-My favorite dj’s, Cajmere,Lil Louis, Romanthony, Junior Vasquez, Derrick Carter in addition to the italians dj’,Claudio Coccoluto ,Mr Marvin etc..But my myths were Oscar G and Ralph Falcon that was my thing the Underground Music,who come from Chicago with their label’s Black Trax, Jack Trax , Trax Record’s, Chicago Trax , U.M.M.and all the sound that come from North America.I’ve never been a lover of commercial music and House sung, i do not like pop music but unlike Jamiroquay that i really like.and i love St Germain that with their Jazz House are really great-I Did a lot of sport, judo athletics, but football is what i practice again My passions are drawing and make very high dips it gives me adrenalin-Sometimes i go to jazz concert’s and i relax,in really like the piano especially the electronic keyboard, but also the violin bass and drums.

In the 90’s i lived in Germany ,in Berlin ,Hannover, Leipzig, Munich and other cities, starting to sound in party and private club ,and there i assimilated the music, costumes and translations of North Europe-This helped with my musical culture to define my sound final-Now i lived in Naples ,and i work with my friend’s in various club’s ,but i always stay in north Italy where my family is native in Rimini, it does not escape the opportunity to go dancing and listen Dino Angioletti, Steve Mantovani and Pasta Boys ,who are dj’s who make beautiful music in Italy-In my life i understood that besides being a dj, i am more a musical selector ,because i like the beautiful music and when i play i entertain people why was i born dancer and to dance is my goal-I hate slow and boring music ,the my music style is very overwhelming and any musical sound, the groove does not change, it’s always to the Underground perky—



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