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Mus Threee

  25.03.2020   DJ, House | Deep House   No comments

Djs / Producers (Piero Napolitano, Marco Bellavia) After several experiences as DJs in a lot of clubs, with the same passion for music, in 2011 Piero and Marco created the

Matt Joy

  14.03.2020   DJ, House | Deep House   No comments

Matt Joy, is an Italian Freelance DJ, Graduated in Scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts, has shown interest in art in general, Theater, Cinema, Radio, Painting, but always there


  12.03.2020   DJ, House | Deep House   No comments

Queemose is a project curated by Andrea Calella, electronic music producer, filmmaker, visual artist, 1984. Ex-student at the SAE Institute in Milan, CFV audio engineering and “disciple” of the courses

Paolo Santelli

  13.11.2019   DJ, House | Deep House   No comments

Paolo Santelli, Italian DJ from Florence, carries the flag of electronic music on the various clubs of Tuscany (IT) from 1994 till now. His musical journey began in the “Insomnia


  22.11.2018   House | Deep House   No comments

ROSARIO BRUNETTO – AKA ROX DJ I’am an  Open-Format DJ  From italy Class 1988, always surrounded by music for its passion, approaches the dj’s world in 2005. Initially attracted to

Bruno Riccio

  13.03.2018   House | Deep House   No comments

His passion for music starts in 2004, when his first favourite kind of music was the house one. He decides to give life to his passion for music in 2011,

Andrea Scorrano

  14.08.2017   DJ, House | Deep House   No comments

Andrea Scorrano, born January 30, 1993. Resident in Parabita (LECCE), growing he realizes he has a strong interest in music and so at 14 he approaches the art of “disc-jockey”

Davide Migliardi

  29.04.2017   House | Deep House   No comments

Davide Migliardi is a dj with a long musical journey . Attentive to new sounds without losing sight of the past . With his selections he manages to blend the

KarLee Bemusic

Desde 1981 (Barcelona) al presente (Maresme Tropical, BCN). Definirse es tan difícil, que es un ejercicio que decidí dejar de hacer para dar paso a la creación de música desde


  26.03.2017   House | Deep House   No comments

Antonio Mastromauro aka MastroMauro is emerging producer Puglia that has captured the attention of many promoters around Italy and international DJs with its release.