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Benny Dawson

DJ Benny Dawson

Well for 24 years plus ! DJ Benny Dawson has been entertaining people with his infectious brand of music. Having started playing at 14 in South Africa, then opening and playing to packed clubs all over the world, Benny has been at the forefront of the dance scene. He is able to establish an instant connection with the crowds, allowing him to evoke feelings, goose bumps and déjàvu, right up there with life changing experiences. Starting in Johannesburg in the early 80’s, he had an enormous influence in the creation of the dance culture. He held various residencies, namely: Johnny Rockets night club, Dukes, Masquerade, Rokafellaz, The White Horse Inn and Gates. Benny then went on to open, design and manage ESP which was formerly Idols and The Castle with Michael Coyle (Castle Dance Productions). He ran and helped DJ Dizzy (Dean John Athienides) with the Bluehouse trio ‘raves’ and was involved at various levels in many big name productions, namely: Activate, The Boom Raves, Fluid, Krush 1 and 2, Liquid Dreams, Thump, Throb, Hell Raver, Looking for Love, Natural Born Ravers, Mother Raves, Strictly Rhythm, Soundfactory, Sextacy, Sphere Raves, Squeeze, Shut Your Mouth, Spiritual Awakening, Warp and others. From Raves to residencies, Benny was there, organizing, promoting and driving the scene from a hands on basis. This led Benny to working for Gallo records for 3 years, where he got into music production and radio, working with Titch Mataz, on one of South Africa’s top radio stations 5fm. Having played all over South Africa from big cities to small towns, Benny started producing and releasing albums around this time. His first mixed album to go commercial in 1998 was ‘Sooped up’ David Gresham which sold out. Having had the opportunity to be the opening act for Sasha and John Digweed’s Northern Exposure, Benny wanted to broaden his horizons and share his music. Overseas was beckoning, and Benny left our shores to play in clubs from London to Ibiza, spreading his love for music. He played at various guest slots in the UK including Boxfresh in 2006, The Metro Clubs in London 2007, St Albans and Luton, Bourne Slippery 2010, Echo Boat Party London 2010. In Benny’s words: :I would say my music has a mellow techy house vibe, it can be trancey baleric and have an uplifting smile sound, sometimes dark, light and warm all after each other. I like to lift people then drop them into a warm happy break that inspires rather than enquirers, but that would be giving it away. I also enjoy large build ups and complete changes.”


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