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“Axkan without question has to be one of the most brilliant rapid rising stars on the US West Coast techno scene. His live sets are perking up ears from all over the country, devastating dancefloors from Detroit, Chicago, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, among others. There are people who make techno, and play techno live, but there are few masters of their machines who know how to put them to effective use when in front of an audience and that’s where Axkan shines.” –Sean Ocean, DEFSF San Francisco, California.

No stranger to the world Techno scene, Axkan is a talented producer based
out of Los Angeles. His Techno is highly influenced by Industrial and EBM alongside ethnic rhythms. His darker and noisy style of Techno is a highly sought out sound and can be found on several labels (i.e. OMEN Recordings, Advanced (Black), The Cast Project, Reloading Records, EDR, SecreTechno, Rheostatus, From 0-1, GBB, Aerotek, Format Recordings, Switch Off, etc.).
ready to take things to the next level. With a steady stream of gigs and production opportunities ahead, there is no slowing down for Axkan anytime soon!


Despite the rising number of techno artists emerging each year, there is one that has maintained his original and distinctive sound, continuing to create original music with the perfect medley of mechanized noise, hard hitting percussion, and ultramodern elements. We are of course, talking about “Axkan” (meaning “now” or “the present”) in Nahuatl (native Mexican tongue), a legitimate, original electronic musician, whom has always worked hard to create and develop his own sound. To this day he continues to evolve as an artist, adding industrial elements and modular sounds to his music. Axkan has performed in most cities in Mexico, Canada, and the United States, as well as some opportunities to bring his music to Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Russia, Spain, and recently France and Germany.
Since an early age, Federico has been a devoted participant in the electronic music movement in Mexico. In the late 80’s, Federico and Luis Flores produced an industrial music radio show called “The Factory X”, which inspired them to assemble their first studio and music project based on EBM and Industrial music. Later on, Jorge HM joined them; creating the 1st phase of “Double Helix”, one of the most influential electronic music projects in Mexico. In addition, as founder of the successful label “Nopalbeat”, his music is heard in all of their compilations and vinyl releases.

After he moved to Chicago and then Los Angeles, a new phase of Axkan began. In 2013 he met artist “ZV_K”, and they recorded a fully modular release on a collaboration EP called “A/Z v1”, released on the European label “Boshke Beats Records” in May of 2015. Shortly after, Chicago based label “SecreTechno” released the EP “Abnormal”, and to this date is still supported by some of the most respected names in Techno. Axkan has released many more tracks on several American labels such as From 0-1, Rheostatus, Aerotek, WeBuildMachines, Format, GBB, as well as releases abroad on respected labels such as Advanced (Black), Switch-Off, CZ Code, EDR, etc. In November of 2015, Axkan released a track for the innovative “The Cast Project”, and it was picked as the A1 track on the CAST002 vinyl release, among several well-known Techno artists (IFormat, Pinion, and Dolgener). Not long after, the French label “Reloading Records” requested a vinyl release, and the highly anticipated “FEAR” EP was released and sold out in December of 2015 with remixes from Luis Flores and Anthony Jimenez. In 2016 Axkan launches “OMEN Recordings”, being one of the few American labels focusing in promoting “Industrial Techno”.

Currently, Axkan has been a well-known name amongst fans, promoters, and veterans alike in the underground Techno community around the world performing his relentless live techno sets and archiving genuine and distinctive releases. His production skills, now honed and battle tested, are ready to take things to the next level. With a steady stream of gigs and production opportunities ahead, there is no slowing down for Axkan anytime soon!

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From 0-1 Studio Sessions Vol 107 – Axkan *LIVE in Detroit*

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